Einar's Whisky

Advent Calendar

Available Nov 24 - 2022

Einar's Whisky

Advent Calendar

About a year ago we ago, we came across four barrels that matured incredibly fast. Since then, we have been monitoring them closely. The fact that the casks were only 90L and therefore not tremendously large, we thought that it would be a good idea to use them for something extraordinary.

Even if the barrels have been stored in the same place, for almost the same amount of time they appear rather different. And given the fact that the barrels are only 90L, we thought it would be a shame to pour them together.

Now you have the opportunity of really testing what our whisky is about. The result is a “Sample Box” that contains a portion of each of the casks.

With the First Sunday of Advent being just around the corner, we believe that this is the perfect occasion to try the first of the four bottles. We recommend that you try the whisky from a suitable glass, either a Glencairn or a Copita. Further, the whisky benefits significantly from letting it sit in the glass for a little while before you try it out.

Official tasting notes for Einar's Whisky - Músabróður

Available July 27 - 2022

Color: Tawny Nose: Cut grass, vanilla, caramel and apples

Taste: Turkish delight, candied pineapple, barley sugar drops and Créme brulée

Finish: Hay, orange zest, malt and cinnamon

Official tasting notes for Einar's Whisky - Tjaldur edition.

Available April 8th 2022

Color: Auburn Nose: Lemon custard, forest fruits, chamomile, eucalyptus and red liquorice.

Taste: Chocolate milk, honey, key lime pie, tropical fruits and vanilla

Finish: Walnuts, tannins, malt and dark chocolate


The whisky

We believe that our climate with its everchanging weather is perfectly suited for storing barrels. Therefore, it is truly a dream come true that the release day has finally arrived.

We have patiently awaited our whisky to mature in different types of barrels. The first very limited batch has finally been released. This first batch is matured in the finest sherry & bourbon casks. Feedback from some of the industries most respected experts has been tremendous, and we are truly humbled to have received such appraisal. We look forward to many great years of Faroese craftsmanship where we will strive to perfect our products even more.

Our story

Located in the North Atlantic, close to the sea, Einar's Distillery is the very first distillery situated in the Faroe Islands. This distillery is the result of 132 years of craftsmanship and the challenge for Faroese perfection. Having brewed beer for more than a century, we wanted to pursue our dream of producing spirits. For more than 20 years, we have worked on the launch of Einar's Distillery. Our first bottle of Einar's aquavit was released in 2016. The first barrels of whisky were also stored in October the same year.

Einar's whisky is the first ever small batch whisky from the Faroe Islands

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Our first batch of whisky

After 5 years of tasting, nurturing and waiting the day finally arrived for us to tap our first batch of Whisky. We did make a little video of that day, so you could enjoy it with us.

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