Einar's whisky is the first ever whisky from the remote Faroe Islands.

Einar's whisky

Distilled Excellence, Infused with Faroese Spirit

The weather plays a crucial role in shaping the character and flavour of whisky. Situated in the heart of the North Atlantic, we harness the distinct climate of the Faroe Islands to perfect our whisky.

The dynamic weather patterns and consistent temperatures create an ideal setting for the maturation process, ensuring our whisky develops its rich flavour and character.

First batch whisky

White Lamb is a new make unaged raw Whisky Distillate

The White Lamb is a raw whisky distillate. This is the first raw whisky distillate to be made in the Faroe Islands and it is an unaged single malt. The whisky is created from a combination of clear mountain water and yeast that has been specifically developed for the White Lamb. The White Lamb has an ABV of 45% and comes in 50CL bottles. The name “White Lamb” is a tribute to Föroya Bjór’s long-standing mascot – the ram.

First small batch whisky

Einar’s 5 years

The first Faroese whisky from Einar's Distillery has now been aged for 5 years, and this is something special that has been long awaited. And here is much to celebrate.

The reviews of Einar's Whisky have been very positive, with words from experts such as "You are Out-scottiching the Scotch" with results at very high levels.

Bottled at full cask strength of 58.5%.
Only 354 bottles from a 190-liter Buffalo Trace cask.

This damned weather is only suitable for one thing

Brewing Since 1888

Building on traditions

Einar's Distillery proudly holds the distinction of being the very first distillery in the Faroe Islands. Rooted in the brewing legacy of the family-owned Föroya Bjór, which has been dedicated to brewing perfection since 1888.

The iconic Faroese ram has symbolised Föroya Bjór since 1888. Since 2016, Einar’s Distillery has proudly carried on this legacy by adopting the steadfast and resilient ram as its logo.