The name "Akvavitt" derives from the Latin "aqua vitae," meaning "water of life"

Einar's Akvavitt

The traditional spirit "Aquavit", spelled "Akvavitt" in Faroese, is a popular Nordic drink, especially popular during festive occasions.

The character varies from region to region. Einar's Akvavitt is produced with Faroese water, caraway, and Faroese herbs. The result is a mild and fresh-flavoured Akvavitt that pairs well with traditional food, and serves as an excellent appetizer or as a base in modern cocktails.

Einar´s Akvavitt was granted a “Superior Taste award” in 2018 by the International Taste & Quality Institute for its excellent taste.

the Nordic Spirit

Water of life

Akvavitt's story traces back to the 15th century when it was first distilled from grain or potatoes. Its name, stemming from the Latin "aqua vitae" or "water of life," hints at its historical importance, initially believed to possess healing properties.

Caraway, serving as the soul of Akvavitt, along with a bouquet of herbs, gives this spirit its distinct, bold flavour that has captivated many over the years. Traditionally, Akvavitt is enjoyed during festive occasions; its presence at Nordic tables during holidays and celebrations speaks to its cultural significance.

The spirit's character varies from region to region, with ageing processes and spice blends creating a tapestry of flavours unique to each Nordic country. Whether sipped neat or used as a base in modern cocktails, Akvavitt continues to be a symbol of heritage and communal spirit, connecting generations with each toast.

for special occasion

Cask Akvavitt

Einar's Cask is matured in the rough Faroese nature in the finest Sherry and bourbon casks. The flavour is unique with a special rounded character.