The rum benefits from aging in the finest casks, nestled close to the sea, enhancing its depth and complexity.

Einar's Skipar Hansen's Romm

Introducing the first-ever rum distilled in the Faroe Islands: Skipper Hansen Romm. This rum draws deep inspiration from the rich 16th-century maritime history of the Faroe Islands, a time when contraband was stealthily smuggled through “Vágsbotnur” and “Rybergshandilin” between 1767-1788 in the heart of Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

Skipper Hansen Rum is crafted using high-quality raw materials from the West Indies and pristine Faroese water. It has been aged in some of the finest barrels, close to the sea, to enrich its flavor.

The rum pays homage to "Skipper Hansen" (1745-1818), a legendary figure and the grandfather of "Karin Helena úr Funningstovu." Karin Helena married "Símun í Vági" in 1888, the founder of Föroya Bjór brewery, from which Einar's Distillery traces its lineage.

Skipper Hansen Romm embodies the spirit of its namesake and the adventurous history of the Faroe Islands, offering a taste that's as rich and bold as its backstory.

Skipper Hansen Romm is available in 50 cl bottles, 45% vol.