The spirit of Einar's.
We believe that our water and climate with its everchanging weather is perfectly suited for distilling.

A bite of the Nordic

Einar's Bitter

Distilled with selected herbs including native Faroese herbs and is distilled with Faroese water.

Einar's Bitter was granted the gold medal.
London Spirits Competition 2020.

A Refreshingly Unique Beverage

Einar's Rabarbu Liqueur

Enjoy a unique and delicious drink with Einar's Faroese Rabarbu Liqueur.

Carefully distilled with Faroese Rhubarbs, Faroese water, Elderflower, and Caribbean Cane Sugar, it offers a delightful flavour that can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer in cocktails.

Einar’s SKOT

A flavourful liquorice schnapps, crafted from the finest ingredients and Einar's Vodka. SKOT features an excellent, rounded liquorice flavour.

Perfect for any festive occasion, try it today and taste the difference!

The Finest Faroese Christmas Spirit

Einar's Jólasnapsur

Celebrate the festive season with Einar's Jólasnapsur - a unique spirit crafted from Faroese water, organic Christmas spices and native Faroese herbs.

Enjoy the taste of Faroe Islands with this one-of-a-kind holiday spirit!