Handcrafted spirits from the

Faroe Islands


The spirit of Einar's

We believe that our water and climate with its everchanging weather is perfectly suited for distilling.

Einar's Distiller´s is the first Faroese distiller's, located in the North of Atlantic. Einar ́s distillery is built on the proud tradition and great history of Föroya Bjór, a family brewery founded in 1888. Einar's Distillery is producing handcrafted Akvavitt, Vodka, Gin, Bitter, Cask and Rhubarb Liquer.

Our story

Located in the North Atlantic, close to the sea, Einar's Distillery is the very first distillery situated in the Faroe Islands. This distillery is the result of 132 years of craftsmanship and the challenge for Faroese perfection. Having brewed beer for more than a century, we wanted to pursue our dream of producing spirits. For more than 20 years, we have worked on the launch of Einar's Distillery. Our first bottle of Einar's aquavit was released in 2016. The first barrels of whisky were also stored in October the same year.

Einar's Distillery handcrafted spirits from the Faroe Islands.

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