Skipar Hansen Rum

Skipper Hansen rum, 45% vol. is the first ever rum produced on The Faroe Islands. Much inspired by 16 th century history where contraband goods were smuggled circumstantially across “Vágsbotnur” and “Rybergshandilin”, a centrally placed location in the capital of Tórshavn from 1767-1788.

Skipper Hansen rum is produced from Vest Indian high-quality raw materials and Faroese water. The rum has matured on some of the finest casks close to the sea.

The rum is named after “Skipper Hansen” (1745-1718). He is the grandfather of “Karin Helena úr Funningstovu” who married “Símun í Vági” in 1888. The same year as he established the company, Föroya Bjór which Einar´s Distillery originates from.

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