Organic small batch vodka 38.5% vol.

It stands out from the masses with its distinct character – vodka with a pure and soft taste but is still robust and full-bodied. We use only organic grains from the Faroe Islands so that you can be sure of an incredibly high-quality vodka.

Each bottle is carefully hand-crafted and labelled, producing an amazing, smooth and mellow flavour. Its unique taste and character make it perfect as snaps, or as a mixer for cocktails.

With a vol of 38.5%, it carries just the right amount of strength. Besides, as a bonus, our organic vodka is not filtered, which helps to keep its natural taste and aroma. Our vodka is a blend of the finest traditional methods and modern technology.

The result is a unique spirit we are proud to call our own, a product that tastes great and is made with respect for the land and its people.

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